Canna Hemp X and Grizzly Collaboration


Skateboarding results in aches, pains, and inflammation from day-to-day workouts as skaters push through the pain and rigorously practice to reach peak performance. Canna Hemp X truly believes they have a proven solution for recovery that doesn’t have to hurt that much and take so long. Along with the founders of Grizzly Griptape, whose mission is to promote an active and awesome lifestyle for skateboarding athletes, a partnership was born to help improve the lives (and physical recovery) of action sports athletes everywhere with a focus on natural healing and overall wellness.

Grizzly Logo White


As a preteen, Grizzly Griptape founder Torey Pudwill unknowingly created an empire “just for fun” molding skate wax for his friends from his parents’ garage. This eventually turned into stamping, packaging, and selling sheets of griptape shaped like a grizzly bear to local skate shops. After a five year hiatus to pursue his professional skateboarding career, Torey ventured back into entrepreneurship in 2010, now deemed the “Year of the Grizzly,” and officially launched Grizzly Griptape and subsequent clothing line to astounding success.

“We are honored to have the unique opportunity of collaborating with the leading CBD brand, Canna Hemp, to bring this amazing recovery product to the action sports industry.”

– Mr. Pudwill, Founder of Grizzly Griptape.