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Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras

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Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras is a professional MMA fighter based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sarah started training in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Early into her MMA career after a couple amateur fights, she got an offer to train in Manchester, England with Rosi Sexton. After her last amateur fight and pro debut in England, Sarah moved back to Canada and started training in Kelowna, B.C. Sarah had countless fights fall through since moving to Kelowna and finally got a last-minute fight in Spokane, Washington, where she improved her professional record to 2-0. Sarah then fought on Invicta FC and lost to decision.

Sarah improved her record to 3-1 in Winnipeg on September 15, 2012, submitting a BJJ brown belt in 93 seconds of the first round. Upon winning that fight, “The Ultimate Fighter” decided to finally include women in the show’s 18th season as Sarah was one of them. On that season of “TUF,” the contestants had to fight and win in order to make it into the TUF house. Sarah fought against the top pick for winning the whole show and defeated her via decision. Once in the house, Sarah had to fight two more times, having three fights in a total of six weeks. She won her next fight and end up losing her last fight to the winner of TUF18. After “The Ultimate Fighter,” Sarah was awarded a contract with the UFC.

Q&A with Sarah Moras

Still friends with any of your TUF team members?
I hadn’t talked to most of them for quite a while until I moved to Las Vegas, and now Roxanne and Miesha live close and are 2 of my first friends here in Vegas!
Got a favorite city to fight in?
Out of all the cities I’ve fought in, Las Vegas and Edmonton are my favorites. My sister lives in Edmonton and it was awesome to get to see her, and the Canadian crowd at that event was insane, and such a blast to be a part of it!
What’s going through your mind as you walk to the cage to fight?
Every fight is different, but usually, I’m just trying to enjoy the moment, and sing my walkout song.
What can we expect from your next fight with Leah Letson on May 4th?
In the last year, I have gone through a lot of changes, one of them being my move to Las Vegas. I’ve switched up gyms and coaches, and I’m learning new techniques every day that fit into my game. My last fight was held pretty quickly after I moved to LV and I was coming off an injury. For the upcoming fight, I’m going into it healthy, with no injuries from my last fight, and I’m so excited to show what I’ve learned and to dominate once again.
Are you working another job at the moment aside from doing MMA?
I’m focused on fighting right now and enjoying the new sponsorship with Canna Hemp X! I am excited to act as their representative and help spread the word about their products, which I use regularly. Not only are they supportive of me, but their corporate culture is all about health and wellness which I love. I think that it is a great match and I am happy to help them and promote the Canna Hemp X brand.

by Editor-in-Chief
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